How to setup your iPad on Exchange 2013

  • Synopsis

    How to setup your iPad on ADS's Hosted Exchange 2013 Environment.
  • Applicable to

    All Exchange 2013 accounts
  • Prerequisite

     You must have a Hosted Exchange 2013 account with ADS
    ActiveSync must be enabled for your user account.

  • How to

    1) Tap on Settings.




    2) Tap on Mail, contacts, Calendars. Then tap on Add Account




    3) Tap on Microsoft Exchange.




    4) Enter your email in the Email field. Enter your email in the Username field. Enter your password in the Password field.




    5) A Server field will appear. Enter the webmail given to you by the ADS Representative. Tap on Next.




    6) Choose the folders you wish to synchronize with Exchange 2013 and then click on Save.




    7) Your new Exchange mailbox will now be displayed. Tap it to setup advanced features.




    8) You may choose to sync all your mail or only the past few days by tapping on the Mail Days to Sync option. You may also select which exact folders and sub-folders to sync by tapping on the Mail Folders to Push option. Finally, you may delete the account from the iPad by tapping on Delete Account.




    Please contact us for any other questions.